Tony Davis
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Tony Davis
Tony Davis
At its most powerful, music transcends barriers, uniting people who on the surface may seem to have little in common. Such is the case with Tony Davis. Yet it is absolutely accessible and connects with the heartstrings we all have inside us, waiting to be touched. But there's nothing cloying or artificial here, only genuine emotions, real impact, heart-on-sleeve emotional honesty and, an electrifying performance all driven by remarkable talent.
Not an ounce of Tony's spirit escapes being funneled into his music performance. He holds himself to high standards and has recognized in the world of music that the greats are all those who felt music with every fiber of their being and paid music back by putting every part of themselves into the creation of more music.
"People who place their entire body and being into a performance inspire me," he says. "People who have the guts to go out there every night and lay it all out there for the audience influence and motivate me."
Tony Davis is inspired by artist such as Earth Wind and Fire, Prince, Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder, The Ohio Players, Dr Dre and a host of old school and new school hip hop greats.
Music Styles
include Pop, Rock, R and B, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Chill Out, and House. Music provided both inspiration and salvation for Tony Davis at the early age of seven he began playing bass guitar and singing in the family Baptist church in Akron Ohio. Tony put together his first Band at twelve years old and by the age of fifteen he performed in numerous local night Clubs, bars, and for various local community events.
Upon completion of his Military career, He has worked and performed with a variety of artist such as, Stanley Clark, John Davis, Milli vanilli (Fab Morvan), Montell Jordan, Fatman Scoop, DMX, Dru Hill, Vanilla Ice, Shai, Alex Christensen, Capt. Hollywood, Loft, Dj Tomek and, Dj Kool, Down Low, Voodoo and Serano, Dj Howard Donald, Dj Kid Chris, Lori Glori and 3rd Wish.
He has toured with Fila, Addidas, US5, Justin Martin, Milli Vanilli and OBI (streetball), Bahn day (Hamburg) Aid for Afghanistan, Red Bull, Family day (Berlin). Love Parade 2000 (A9 Club trailer), Romania's 2007 EU Inauguration ceremony with Fab Morvan (Milli Vailli), In Bed with Space world tour to include China and Malaysia. Model Nacht with Michael Ammer, ÖRF radio and TV Austria, the Miss Austria Corporation, the Global Gospel Singer´s tour Switzerland, Tribute to Barry White Show to include Moscow Russia, Baku Azerbaijan and Spain.
Tony has had two Projects under the label BMG. M Pack and Minimax Project. Tony is Presently touring with Endless Entertainment, München.
Tony Davis
"People who place their entire body and being into a performance inspire me," he says. "People who have the guts to go out there every night and lay it all out there for the audience influence and motivate me."
ThE Tribute to
Barry White
feat. Tony Davis
The Barry White Tribute Show is led by a team of professionals who have been in the music industry for over 20 years. Our team is dedicated to providing the best tribute to the legendary Barry White. We have a group of talented musicians, singers, and dancers who work tirelessly to create an unforgettable concert experience.


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Munich - Germany
Endless Entertainment
Vienna - Austrie
Endless Entertainment
Munich - Germany
FFM - Germany
Endless Entertainment
Bad - Sparrow
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